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“Charcoal barbecue"- production in Vranje and Leskovac area is done in tin and earthen part of charcoal. Smaller part is produced in masonry charcoal. You probably wonder what the difference is. We try to explain in some sentences.

  • Brass charcoal - usually smaller scale than the earth, production of charcoal in them to do for a few days and charcoal from them less caloric than the earth, which it assumes as its flaws. It is also less dense and therefore less average weight. It has the advantage of being in its purity - no foreign odors, if it is made of beech or oak, that's drier and very suitable for grilling because it is flammable. As such, it is not so suitable for oven requiring calorie charcoal.
  • Earth charcoal - usually larger volume than metal, the production of charcoal in them lasts longer, and therefore such a lot of charcoal caloric. In our research, we came to fantastic results –burning such as 97.50%, ash 2, 5%, 7.5%, volatility and humidity3,2%. As such, it is suitable for pans, of course, barbecue. Pursuant to its quality, has a slightly higher price than that of the metal charcoal. Greater density and hence the average weight.
  • Production takes place exclusively in the old-fashioned way, without the commercialization that occurs due to the increased demand of raw materials.

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